Nikos Menoudarakos

Observer, capturing life.

Documentary photography and videos of real stories and people.

In everyday life, focused Sports Marketing & Media Production in selected projects, tournaments.

Also, TV Operations / Venue Manager for FIBA Media in basketball games around Europe.

Athens Voice - Contributor

2017 | Public Moments Awards – Winner in the category of Sports series

2017 | Participation in «Spoken Walls – Ομιλούντες τοίχοι»
Edited by Void / Published by Super Terrain / Riso printed

2017 | «Female Lead – Η γυναίκα στην Ευρώπη»
Part of festival “Petit Paris d’Athenes – Το μικρό Παρίσι των Αθηνών”

017 | “Άχρονοι Τόποι – Έκθεση Φωτογραφίας»
Hosted by Orama Photography Studies